Gladiators, Pirates and Games of Trust: How Game Theory, Strategy and Probability Rule Our Lives

Gladiators, Pirates and Games of Trust: How Game Theory, Strategy and Probability Rule Our LivesGladiators, Pirates and Games of Trust: How Game Theory, Strategy and Probability Rule Our Lives by Haim Shapira
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Let me be very clear: I am about to fangirl a little bit.
I studied Economics and Finance, so I am not new to Game Theory – I studied it some 8 years ago and went on to work on a different field.
So I picked up this book to refresh my memory not to lose completely the knowledge I gained all those years ago and I have to say it was brilliant. Hair Shapira manages to make Game Theory so interesting showing us only the fun, quizzical part of Game Theory leaving out all the boring (ahem) stuff you want to skip in class. Former Game Theory students and complete newbies to the subject will love this book. It’s interesting, fun, funny and makes you thing. Greatly recommended!

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Review: Sea of Stars by Amy A. Barton

Fair warning: I might fangirl a little bit during this review. Proceed with caution.

I love, love, love Amy A. Bartol’s writing (in general) and this series in particular. It’s truly impressive how captivating she managed to keep this second-book-in-the-series (which I typically find the least interesting). A couple of weeks ago after I finished reading the first book in the series – Under Different Stars – I was left with the impression that I loved it so much it couldn’t quite be real. It couldn’t be quite as good as I remembered it. So now reading the second novel it’s amazing to realize how your first impressions were right.

I found Sea of Stars strikingly different from Under Different Stars. It’s a lot more action packed and we have come to know most of the characters well enough that we can focus on what’s happening to them rather than on their motivations. Reading it at one point became so intense I could almost visualize the things that were happening on Ethar (it made me wonder if someone might pick up the movie rights in more than one occasion).

“You made me love you!” he says harshly. “You’re not allowed to give up, do you understand? No surrender to death. Whatever happens, you have to survive it.”

“But what if things get really, really bad?” I ask.

“Then you fight, like you always do, and we’ll pick up the pieces of us later.”

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥+

Recommended for: Anyone.

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An ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange of an honest review

Go out and read it. You won’t regret it (but don’t forget to start with Under Different Stars). I can’t wait to get started with Darken the Stars.