Review: The Royals by Erin Wratt

First of all let me start by saying I do know there are more than three books in the series, but since the new book, Fallen Heir (Book 4) isn’t centered around the same main characters (Ella and Reed), so I’m treating the first three books as a trilogy.

I read all three books in a three-day binge so they are obviously addictive. I found them to be kind of difficult to categorize because the writing style is very Young Adult but some of the language was a little too racy for YA novels. Maybe this is what the New Adult genre is all about?

The books are mostly written through Ella’s perspective and she is an interesting enough character to carry the books and make them very easy to read but don’t expect a literary masterpiece or a book that will change your life – sorry, fans!

Recommended for: People who like easy, addictive reads centered around a love story.