Reckless by Priscilla West

I was a bit confused by Reckless at first. A few of the initial exchanges between Jax and Riley were a bit of a cliché (Jax’s shirt ripping in two and being chased by an angry mob, for instance), which almost made me give up on the book.

But then, it got way better.

“You’re dangerous,” he said with a low, intimate voice. (…)

He tilted his head, his lips hovering perilously close to mine. My pulse be at erratically. “So are you.”

Jax is the lead singer in a rock band, the Hitchcock’s, and he’s hot enough to make crazy fangirls climax from his voice alone. After an awkward and ultimately frustrating first encounter with Riley, she becomes the band’s new accountant who must, for the sake of her career, make some cuts on the band’s costs. One thing I really liked about Reckless was that Riley wasn’t the sweet, innocent girl you often see in these romance novels – she was flirty and strong and seemed to enjoy life and sex unashamedly.

“Ripe, tender – must be delicious,” he purred, arms crossed and stroking his chin. He nodded toward the fruit in my hand. “The plum, that is.”

Overall, I found this book to be an enjoyable read and Jax was definitely a sexy book boyfriend. If you’re a fan of the romance genre and are looking for a new series, give this one a try. I am definitely going to be reading Fearless (the second book in the series).

Rating: ♥♥♥½

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review


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